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    • 220v 230v dimmable smd gu10 5w led spotlight WARM WHITE


      This is a model enter in the market in 2007,through 5 years improvement the defective rate is lower then 0.2%,It is a very stable product.

      Power: 5W , Luminous flux: 290 and 310lm , Light Source : Itswell , Socket: GU10 , CRI>75, BeamAngle:140deg,CCT:2800K/4000K/5750K, Voltage:180-240V,Dimmability: Dimmable available

    • sharp cob led spotlight,220V 230V Dimmable gu10 5w led spotlight


      Win the favor of old customer when enter the market in 2011,help lepu attract lots customer.It is a high end market really deserve to sell.

      Power: 5W , Luminous flux: 286 and 324lm , Chip: SHARP COB , Socket: GU10 , CRI>80,R9=12, Beam Angle: 36deg ,CCT:2700K/4000K, Voltage : 180-260V , Dimmability: Dimmable available

    • semi dimmable gu10 6w led spotlight


      Enter in the market in 2008,deeply liked by shopping mall,super market,Photography agency because of its beautiful reflector up and high RA.Replacement for 50W AR111 halogen lamp.

      Power: 15W , Luminous flux: 571 and 743lm ,GU10 Base,AR111, CCT:2700K/4000K,Chip:Citizen COB LED,Beam Angle:15° and 30°; CRI>85 ,Voltage : 180-240V.

    • screen 3


      Classial 3*2W models enter in the market in 2007,45° and 60° deeply liked by customer,has a very beautiful light shade.

      Power: 3*2W , Luminous flux: 200 and 220lm , Light Source: 3*2W High Power Semi Led , Socket: GU10 , Beam Angle:15°,25°,45°,60° ,CCT:2700K/4000K/5750K, Voltage : 180-240V ,Dimmability: Dimmable available

    Injection Module Series

    5050 SMD LED Waterproof LED Module Series   Judged against the performance of standard neon or fluorescent lamps, Roidi 5050 LED Modules are ideal for signage channel letters which provide significant energy cost reductions(less 40%than neon), easier jobsite installation(splice connector or twist-on wire connector and 3M double-faced sticking tape), free maintenance and more consistent brightness.
    Customer segments: Retail, restaurant, hospital, grocery and casino

    5050 SMD LED Waterproof LED Module Series

    >  Part Number: RM3535-4X5050  
    ·Highest Brightness
    5050 SMD LED Modules have best brightness among LED modules
    ·Easy Installation
    LED Modules can be easily installed with 3M double-sided sticking tape and connectors.
    ·Extended Life
    LED Modules have a life time of more than 50,000 hours.
    ·Totally waterproof
    With IP67 protection degree, LED Modules can operate normally in cloudy, rainy, desert, and snowy weather conditions and pool. The LEDs are totally covered by resin.
    ·Friendly environment
    Pb free. With CE/RoHS/SGS certificate, Waterproof LED Modules are up to 60% more energy efficient than neon.
    ·Safe Application
    Low voltage DC12V, safety and stable. Free maintenance

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    Mechanical Dimension
    Mechanical Dimension

    >  Specification  
    Dimension L35XW35XH4mm
    LED No 4 pcs 5050 SMD LED
    Voltage Input 12VDC
    View angle 150 degree
    Current 60mA 60mA 60mA 60mA 60mA
    Watts 1.44 1.44 1.44 1.44 1.44
    Lumen 80 12.6 43.2 15 25.6
    Cover Stainless steel
    Life 50,000 hrs.
    Lumen Maintenance:>95%@1,000hrs
    Color White
    Blue Green Yellow Red
    Operation Temperature -40℃- 60℃ (-40℉~140℉)
    Certificate CE:BTRE0708181359 / RoHS: BTRS0708310889
    Warranty 36 months
    Weight 12g/pc.720g/60pcs/bag
    IP IP67 The PCB be covered by resin.
    Part No RM3535-4W5050 RM3535-4B5050 RM3535-4G5050 RM3535-4Y5050 RM3535-4R5050

    Recommended Products

    Roidi led`s target is middle and high-end market.Each type will combine different factor inside.We are not the follower of high lumen.We are the builder of light environment.Here is the recommended product,which has pass 5 year market test and also new product which win customer high appraise once enter the market.Hope you like our recommended product.Please click the left catalogue for more product.


    1.RM7815F-3X5050-I Constant Current 2.Size:84*15.5*5.0mm( with PC cover) 3.Constant Current 4.Power: 0.72w 5.Led Type: SMD5050 6.50pcs/Chain...


    1.Item No.:RM7818F-3RGB5050-I 2.Size: 84*17.5*5.8mm 3.DC12V 4.Power: 0.72w 5.SMD5050 6.RGB color, 7.Driver mode:spot control/group control...


    1.Item No.:RM3838F-4X5050-I Constant Current 2.Size:38*42*4.8mm(with PC cover) 3.DC12V, 1.44w 4.Led Type: SMD5050 5.Constant Current 6.50pcs/Chain 7.Lumen: 76lm for white color...


    1.Item No.RM7815F-3X5630-I 2.Size:85*16.6*4.6mm(with PC cover) Power: 1.5w 3.DC12V 4.SMD5630, 5.IP65 6.105lm for white color...


    1.Item No.:RM4815F-2X5630-I 2.Size:58*16.6*4.6mm(with PC cover) 3.Aluminum PCB exposed 4.DC12V 5.Power: 1.5w 6.SMD5630 7.105lm for white color...


    1.Item No.:RM4646F-4X5630-I 2.Size:46*46*4.6mm(with PC cover) DC12V/24V 3.Aluminum PCB exposed 4.Power: 2.6w 5.IP65 6.SMD5630 7.140lm for white color...


    1.Item No.:RM3737F-3X3528-IT 2.DC12V, 90deg viewing angle 3.0.72w 4.Use firproof material injection molding 5.Aluminum pcb exposed with good heat dissipation 6.Size:37*41*7.5mm(with...


    1.Item No.:RM3737F-3X5050-IS 2.Size: 37*37*5.9mm 3.DC12V 4.Power: 0.72W 5.IP Rate: IP65 6.48lm for white color...


    1.Item No.:RM3535F-1X5050 2.DC12V or 24V 3.Power:1.2w 4.SMD5050 5.ww/w/nw color are available 6.90lm 7.Size:35*45*8.0mm(with PC cover)...


    1.Item No.:RM267F-2X3528 2.Size:28*7.5*4.3mm 3.DC12V 4.Power: 0.3w 5.IP65 6.11lm for white color...


    1.Item No.:RM3912F-3X3528 2.DC12V 3.Power: 0.3w 4.IP65 5.Size:48*12.5*5.5mm 6.16.5lm for white color...

    Hotsell Products

    Hotsell in europe,most popular led light in europe.Each style has their unique features,they always can create a warm atmosphoere.