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    • 220v 230v dimmable smd gu10 5w led spotlight WARM WHITE


      This is a model enter in the market in 2007,through 5 years improvement the defective rate is lower then 0.2%,It is a very stable product.

      Power: 5W , Luminous flux: 290 and 310lm , Light Source : Itswell , Socket: GU10 , CRI>75, BeamAngle:140deg,CCT:2800K/4000K/5750K, Voltage:180-240V,Dimmability: Dimmable available

    • sharp cob led spotlight,220V 230V Dimmable gu10 5w led spotlight


      Win the favor of old customer when enter the market in 2011,help lepu attract lots customer.It is a high end market really deserve to sell.

      Power: 5W , Luminous flux: 286 and 324lm , Chip: SHARP COB , Socket: GU10 , CRI>80,R9=12, Beam Angle: 36deg ,CCT:2700K/4000K, Voltage : 180-260V , Dimmability: Dimmable available

    • semi dimmable gu10 6w led spotlight


      Enter in the market in 2008,deeply liked by shopping mall,super market,Photography agency because of its beautiful reflector up and high RA.Replacement for 50W AR111 halogen lamp.

      Power: 15W , Luminous flux: 571 and 743lm ,GU10 Base,AR111, CCT:2700K/4000K,Chip:Citizen COB LED,Beam Angle:15° and 30°; CRI>85 ,Voltage : 180-240V.

    • screen 3


      Classial 3*2W models enter in the market in 2007,45° and 60° deeply liked by customer,has a very beautiful light shade.

      Power: 3*2W , Luminous flux: 200 and 220lm , Light Source: 3*2W High Power Semi Led , Socket: GU10 , Beam Angle:15°,25°,45°,60° ,CCT:2700K/4000K/5750K, Voltage : 180-240V ,Dimmability: Dimmable available

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    Model: RS-S3528X60N-8
    Led Type: smd3528
    Led Qty: 60leds/m
    Voltage: DC12V/DC24V

    Model: RS-S3528X60N-8
    In Stock
    Sold by 5m with 300 LEDs

    Light Color: W/WW/R/G/B/Y
    Length: 5meters(16.4feet)                                                                                                 
    LED QTY.: 300pcs SMD3528 LED                                                                                       
    Input Voltage: 12VDC                                                                                                      
    Input Current: 2amp                                                                                                       
    Rated Power: 24Watt                                                                                                      
    Beam Angle: 120degree                                                                                                     
    PCB width : 8mm                                                                                                             
    (P.S. If waterproof version in IP67 and IP68, the strip width becomes 10mm)


    These 12 volt Flexible LED Strips are sold in one reel (16.4 feet or 5 meters) increments. If you enter a quantity of "1", you will get 16.4 feet.if you enter "3",you will get 3 pcs of 16.4 feet. 

    Yellow Background, White Background & Black Background available.



    1:Non-waterproof Flexible LED Strip: PCB (Printed Circuit Board) material with self-adhesive back.
    2:Waterproof Flexible LED Strip--Surface Injection: Except it PCB material is encapsulated with plastic Gel at surface, with self-adhesive back, Water resistant coat (IP65).
    3:Waterproof Flexible LED Strip--Silicone Tube: The PCB is enveloped by silicone tube, and with two ends sealed by gel. Without self-adhesive back. Water resistant coat (IP67).
    4:Waterproof Flexible LED Strip--Whole Injection: Except it PCB material is encapsulated with plastic Gel at both side. Without self-adhesive back. Water resistant coat (IP68).

    Our Flexible LED Solid Color Light Strips are designed to establish ambiance with single-color, green LED lighting. The Flexible Solid Color Light Strips can be used creatively in interiors and are well suited for lighting confined spaces in need of a touch of light. Because it can be cut, Flexible LED Strip Lighting fits well into installations and is perfect for use in display cases. These strips are ideal for kitchen cabinet lighting, under cabinet lighting, and any home lighting, as well as for adding light to confined spaces such as coves, valances, doorways and other hard-to-light nooks and crannies. They even work for edge-lit glass decoration. Flexible LED Strip Lights have a 120 degree, wide-angle beam that ensures they light evenly and do not cast shadows on surfaces.

    You'll be thrilled with the color and excitement you can add to your business with flexible strip lights, whether in your restaurant to create a mood, a bar or club to enhance the vibe, or your shop to create eye-popping windows and displays. The Flexible LED Strip lights are available by the reel or in a custom length that can be cut to your specifications in increments of 2 inches (every 3 LEDs). A clearly-marked line shows exactly where to cut. Pairs of indicated solder spots provide great contacts for attaching wires - each one is indicated with a + sign for positive, and - for negative. You can easily connect multiple runs together by soldering the contacts together or use our LED Strip Connectors.

    This low-voltage Strip produces little heat, which means you don't have to worry about shock or fire danger. It has a lifespan of over 50,000 hours and, though it lives on a carbon diet, its low wattage translates to lower emissions. Like all HUAKE products, this strip bears a RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) certificate that strictly ensures that no toxic materials were used in its manufacture.

    Each Flexible LED strips comes equipped with an adhesive backing and can be stuck just about anywhere (except IP67/IP68 type which will come with mounting brackets).

    These LED strip lights are amazingly bright and are available in RGB, blue, green, red, pure white, warm white and yellow version!

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